Book Review: One Foot in the Grave (Night Huntress #2)

<a href=”; style=”float: left; padding-right: 20px”><img alt=”One Foot in the Grave (Night Huntress, #2)” border=”0″ src=”; /></a><a href=””>One Foot in the Grave</a> by <a href=””>Jeaniene Frost</a><br/>
My rating: <a href=”″>5 of 5 stars</a><br /><br />

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Once again, I gave this book 5 stars because I love this entire series so much. This book is definitely better than the 1st. Cat seems to have grown up a lot, which was my biggest complaint about book #1. Ian is one of my favorite characters and this is his introduction to the series. Although, it seems like a lot of drama could have been avoided if Bones would have just told Ian he was in love with Cat instead of jumping through hoops to trick him and then humiliate him in front of all his people. But I guess that would not have made for much of a story. Anyway, we see more of Spade who I love and are introduced to Mencheres and Annette. It’s a good lead-in to the 3rd book of the series, which is one of my favorites. <br><br>Oh yeah. And, of course, there’s chapter 32…
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